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This piece I wrote in my time in Brazil during a summer rainstorm. My mind was going through the thought of the rain drops tripling down and becoming mud. This piece suddenly came out in 5 minutes and I recorded it on voice memos. 3 years later I arranged, recorded and produced a live string quartet of the piece 

Writing this piece is the theme for the film "Charlesgate". The instrumentation was fun and creative, mixing so many live players with midi and effects. Conducting the players in this venue was beautiful and very contrasting to the piece. I wanted to make a piece that was grandiose and inviting for this horror short film 



Waiting in Vain 

Making an Arrangement for "Waiting in Vain" for a full band with 5 part vocal harmony and horn sections. This piece was so fun to make and record. Raggae is my 1# genre on my Spotify wrapped for the past 2 years. 

sound design 

Taking on sound design and dialogue is another way to express my skills in audio. Syncing, reverbs, room sounds, mouth clicks; a breath of fresh air from harmonic progressions. This is where I let my attention to detail shine. 

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