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Giselle Schiller

Media Kit 

Giselle Schiller, a seasoned audio production professional and Berklee College of Music graduate, is making ways in the bustling world of commercial music. With a rich and diverse musical background, she brings a wealth of experience and creativity to her work. After completing her education at Berklee, Giselle set her sights on Los Angeles, where she now resides. Giselle has taught private lessons and classes across various disciplines, including voice, piano, songwriting, production, guitar, music theory, and ear training. Her dedication to honing her skills has resulted in the release of self-written and produced songs, with EPs in the pipeline. Notably, she earned a scholarship for composition from Berklee, along with a prestigious Berklee World Tour scholarship, highlighting her exceptional talent and commitment to music. In the heart of the music industry, she found her true calling in composing and studio work. Her passion lies in creating beautiful compositions and perfecting the art of studio production. 

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